Just a little hey how are ya today. I’ve cleaned up some of the more messy sections of the site. Added some new links to the new host for the audiobooks, and I am currently getting them all uploaded over there.

You may also notice a little notification in the top right of the page, at least if you’re on a desktop anyway. That’ll let ya know if I happen to be streaming at the time.

Currently I only stream Monday nights at 6:00 pm mountain time, but there are other times I might just go ahead and do one for fun. Of course you can avoid having to check that little thing if you wanna follow me on Twitch. But hey, that’s your call compadre.

That’s about all the news, large and small, I have for you this go around my friends. Ya’ll have a safe and happy holiday season, and hopefully the snow lets up soon.


By jason

Just a grumpy old man that thought it'd be fun to play some video games for the internet. Nothing more, nothing less. Well maybe a little more.

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