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Welcome to Electric Leftovers! We're gonna talk music, video games, news, and reviews. From time to time we'll have some interviews, and maybe even some fun. WHO KNOWS! The Shadow knows! Also, vague pop-culture references! Hooray!

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Ep. 436 - Bureaucracy Run Amok


The red tape is just a metaphor for the internal struggels that we, ourselves, put upon us because we think we're not good enough to succede on our own. Or some such nonsense.

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Ep. 435 - Fast, Cool, and Fun


So I guess when I turn the Tascam off it doesn't always save the correct input. My apolgies. It was too late in the day to redo the whole show. I'll be more mindful next time folks, I apologize.

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Ep. 434 - Another Rousing Success


An episode in which we learn about mice, gorillas, we change the definition of "success" once again, and all the weird news that isn't weird at all.

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Ep. 433 - Meth Based Fishing


Boxing, Bigfoot, Templar. Everything a growing podcast listener needs for strong bones and that sixth sense to save them from hippo attacks and runaway elephants.

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Ep. 432 - A Special Announcement


I hate having to do it, but I've got principles I need to stand by.

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Ep. 431 - How A Heart Breaks


Just when you thought it was safe to not have any gun in your podcast, we've got more Gun in our podcast! News about an incel turkey, how to handle your road kill, and hearts doing all sorts of gross stuff.

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Ep. 430 - Shoot Out At The Groove Machine Dome


Video games of the Ooooooooold West are what we're all about this week. Also a man that really could use some Fallout style chems. New Warren, a new movie, weird news, and all that good stuff coming from my microphone to your face.

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Ep. 429 - Old Town Charm


Little kids doing big crimes, a pastor we didn't need to know about, and so much more! But remember, it's not an RPG.

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Ep. 428 - Play It All Night Long


There's a lot of poorly edited news in this weeks show. That's going to offset the very good reviews. Can't win em all, ladies and germs.

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Ep. 427 - The Good Times


While there is news in this episode, I'm not sure it's fair to call it news. Instead let's talk about an emotionally challenging game, a hard watch movie, and one of the saddest love songs you'll ever hear. You know me. Bringing the good times.

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