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Welcome to Electric Leftovers! We're gonna talk music, video games, news, and reviews. From time to time we'll have some interviews, and maybe even some fun. WHO KNOWS! The Shadow knows! Also, vague pop-culture references! Hooray!

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Ep. 441 - Oblong Theme Song


Someone needs to save Christmas from the evil Santa! Maybe we can call on a super skilled space pilot? Maybe.

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Ep. 440 - Rainy Day Podcasts


Rainy day podcasts always seem to know when you're feeling blue. High steppin' strutters who land in the gutter sometimes need one too.

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Ep. 439 - Prince King and Cpl Cypher


This week I lied to you about the music. It's not from the game. But that's ok, it's pretty good anyway. Donny T goes 34-0 for a new personal record. Weird news, weird reviews, and a very refreshing beverage.

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Ep. 438 - Hot Fairy Chick


I didn't talk about her much in the episode but trust me, she's there and she can be a little vicious.

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Ep. 437 - Holy Justin Of Assisi


I for one welcome our new robot on the internet spiritual overlords.

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Ep. 436 - Bureaucracy Run Amok


The red tape is just a metaphor for the internal struggels that we, ourselves, put upon us because we think we're not good enough to succede on our own. Or some such nonsense.

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Ep. 435 - Fast, Cool, and Fun


So I guess when I turn the Tascam off it doesn't always save the correct input. My apolgies. It was too late in the day to redo the whole show. I'll be more mindful next time folks, I apologize.

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Ep. 434 - Another Rousing Success


An episode in which we learn about mice, gorillas, we change the definition of "success" once again, and all the weird news that isn't weird at all.

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Ep. 433 - Meth Based Fishing


Boxing, Bigfoot, Templar. Everything a growing podcast listener needs for strong bones and that sixth sense to save them from hippo attacks and runaway elephants.

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Ep. 432 - A Special Announcement


I hate having to do it, but I've got principles I need to stand by.

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