December 8, 2022

Well folks it’s been a minute since I updated all ya’ll. No lie, I was slacking for a few days. But hey, I’m back and in action again and, really, isn’t that what matters most? Sure it is.

So, on the continuing effort to get all the episodes added to the site I have gotten everything up to the R section and we’ve started on the S section. This is gonna be the last big push, as it were, since it’s a kind of large section and a few of the games are pretty long… looking at you Shining Force CD. But that’s ok. I have a plan to get stuff done without driving myself nuts while doing it.

Another thing you may notice as time goes on is that I’ve been replacing some of the, what I call, landing page graphics for the games. Used to be we’d have, basically, a blank thumbnail for that page. See, when it comes to web design (which I am not good at), I like to have minimal vertical space. If I can make something shorter but still contain all the information, I’ll do it.

So, I’ve been doing that. Replacing that video thumbnail with a simple logo and game information. Puts all the same stuff you wanna know on the page in about 60% of the space of the thumbnail. That means less scrolling back and forth for you, which if you’re on mobile for some reason I think is nice.

This is another step towards getting the site working the way I want it to. I could have done it this way in the beginning, but I feel like getting the stuff out and then tweeking the design around it was a better idea than taking months to get it 100% finished and then taking it live. I like to see how things are going to work and react while I’m designing/building them, ya dig?

Anyway, after the episodes are all added and the thumbnails are all removed I do have another project for the site that is going to take a little while to do, and that is navigation. Right now if you’re watching a multi part playthrough, and not the full playlist, you have to do some back and forth to go between episodes. I don’t like that. So, once all the other stuff is done I will be going back and adding “Previous” and “Next” buttons to all the video pages so you can just click ahead to the next one, or back to the previous one. I try and make it easy for ya.

Oh, and another thing I noticed… I was 99% sure when I’d moved all the videos to the new channel that I had made a thumbnail for every video. Well, as I’ve been doing this I have found some that are wrong or that I just missed. I’ll be working on getting those sorted out soon as well. Not really going to impact you, constant viewer, but it bothers me it didn’t get done… so I’ll get it done.

Anyway. Have a good Halloween, don’t take any candy that’s got a shovel hidden inside it or any nonsense like that. And by the way, no one is going to give our their edibles to kids on Halloween disguised as candy. That’s not a real thing.

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