December 7, 2022

I’m excited. For a couple of reasons in fact. Let’s discuss my happiness and why it matters to you.

Audio books have been added.
Twitch thing is added.
And I just now finished getting the “M” section setup. This one is a big deal. That’s like the biggest section because of all of those Mega Man games. That’s also just over the halfway mark of getting all this stuff added.

Now, right now each game is only available as a full playlist. That’s not going to stay that way, but for now that’s how it’s going to be. Once EVERYTHING is added, in terms of games, I’ll break those add and we can do specific episodes.

Also, you may notice at the top of the page you’ll see links to all the current stuff. I kinda forgot about that, ya know? Sorry.

See you, space cowboy.

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