December 10, 2022

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Treasure Hunter G is another excellent console RPG that was never released outside Japan. It was also the last RPG Squaresoft released for the Super Nintendo system, and shows Squaresoft to be at the height of their SNES game-making craft. The graphics in Treasure Hunter G puts some PlayStation games to shame – it is no small feat to pull off 32-bit-looking graphics on a 16-bit system like the SNES. The plot is nothing more than a typical “destroy evil” plot found in most RPGs, although it starts out with an intriguing premise: you control a team of brother and sister, accompanied by their grandfather, as they explore a cave where the an aircraft called ‘Fenric Falcon’ is reportedly discovered. Soon you will discover that some sabotage is going on; the cave is soon rocked with an explosion, and the Falcon soon took off – taking your father with it. Although your initial quest is naturally to find and rescue your father, you will soon discover more weighty plot elements that make being a hero all worthwhile.