December 8, 2022

Well, I decided to make a website then, didn’t I.

Your old pal Jason has got stuff all over this world wide web and it’s just easier to put it all in one place, ya know? Well… it will be easier when I get all this horse hockey nonsense setup. So, let’s me tell ya what you can expect around here. Capice?

  • Let’s Plays – All of em. That’s right. Every dang one.
  • Streaming – You can watch here or on Twitch. That’s your call, compadre.
  • Electric Leftovers – That once a week radio thing I do, not on the radio.
  • Music – Singy song type things. Don’t question it.
  • Audiobooks – Not many, but they exist. Let me read you to sleep. That’s not creepy.

So over the next couple of weeks you can expect to see stuff getting added to the site. There may even be more bonus features to come later on. Won’t that be a surprise to everyone, including me.

Oh, and by the way. I’m terrible at this website stuff. Front Page Express, and 1996 for that matter, were a long time ago. I’m expecting to pull some late nights getting this going so maybe you might wanna buy me a coffee and help keep me going.

If not, that’s cool. You’ve gotta look at the end results. Just saying. Click the coffee cup in the bottom right.

See you, space cowboy.