December 7, 2022

Alright. Look. Listen. I don’t wanna hear it. I know I’ve been slow to get stuff done lately, but it’s not really my fault. I was having some errors when I was trying to work on stuff. We got it fixed though I think.
So, this morning I did a couple of few things around the site.

First, I added links to my albums on the Darzee The Tailorbird page, so if you’re into that kinda stuff, you can totally check em out.
Second, I added a few of them Castlevania games. Up to and including Bloodlines. I have to keep myself on a little bit of a limit here or I’d just sit and work on the thing all day till it’s done and burn myself out, so I’m not gonna be doing that anymore. Maybe I’ll sink an hour into it here or there, but no more of marathon sessions of getting stuff added for a little while.

Oh and speaking of adding stuff, Treasure Hunter G is our newest LP and you can see that here on the site. So you should totally do that.

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