Well, kind of. We’re coming back is more accurate.
After some time of thinking over how I wanted to do this website thing again, trying about 9 different CMS’s and 3 different hosts I have come to this place here. We’re gonna be building everything from scratch so I’m gonna need some time to get it all done, but I’m hoping to maintain everything that was good about the last site and add some new stuff that’ll make this one a little more user friendly.

Sad story is that I’m back to WordPress and I really don’t enjoy working with it like I did some of the other CMSs that were out there, but I am not a coder and I didn’t want to have to try and build things to do what I wanted. So, it’s sixes at the end of the day I think.
Plan is to be back to full speed in a couple of months. I know that sounds like a lot but there’s a lot of content I’ve got to add, plus I’ve got a lot going on at home that needs my attention as well.

In the meantime, the links to all the games work, they’ll just (mostly) direct you to the YouTube playlists instead of a page here on the site. An adequate compromise all in all I think.


By jason

Just a grumpy old man that thought it'd be fun to play some video games for the internet. Nothing more, nothing less. Well maybe a little more.

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